Elevating Efficiency in Powder Coating: The Encore HD Manual System

Elevating Efficiency in Powder Coating: The Encore HD Manual System

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Unrivaled Efficiency for Demanding Productions

The Encore HD Manual Powder Coating Systems set a new standard in the industry, effortlessly meeting the most challenging production requirements. With the Nordson HDLV® pumps' soft spray, complex product shapes receive perfect coverage. This system combines unparalleled application efficiency with a high powder output rate, reaching up to 450 g/min, enabling production rates of up to 3 m²/min per spray system.

Ergonomic Design Meets Advanced Technology

The Encore® HD manual spray systems are designed for ease of use and efficiency. Weighing just 530 g, these systems are light and comfortable, ensuring operator comfort during prolonged use. The patented On-Gun control and display facilitate quick adjustments to the powder output or coating program, streamlining the process without distracting the operator.

Electrostatics and Color Change Efficiency

Advanced electrostatics are at play here, with precise control of gun current levels below 5 µA, which enhances application performance, especially with challenging metallic powders. The system's design allows for color changes in less than a minute without disassembly, featuring a convenient purge function for maintaining the highest finish quality.

Cost-Effective and Durable

With super-durable internal components, the Encore HD spray system and pump minimize operating costs and maintenance downtime. This durability is coupled with significant savings due to the high stability and efficiency of Nordson dense-phase pumps.

The Encore HD Manual System represents Nordson's commitment to innovation and efficiency in powder coating technology. With its ergonomic design, advanced electrostatics, and efficient color change process, this system is a game-changer for manufacturers looking for quality and efficiency in their coating processes.

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