Progressive Cavity Pumps

Continental Pump is a reputable manufacturer that offers a diverse range of Progressive Cavity pumps to suit various applications. Their pumps are available in different models, constructed using a variety of materials to accommodate different fluid characteristics and operational requirements

These Progressive Cavity pumps come in a wide range of sizes, allowing for the handling of different flow rates. They can handle capacities starting from less than 1 gallon per minute (GPM) and can go up to over 2300 GPM, depending on the specific model

In terms of pressure capabilities, Continental Pump's Progressive Cavity pumps can handle pressures up to 780 pounds per square inch (PSI). This allows for the pumping of fluids under higher pressure conditions, providing versatility and adaptability to various industrial processes.

By offering a wide selection of sizes, materials, capacities, and pressure ratings, Continental Pump ensures that customers can find the appropriate Progressive Cavity pump to meet their specific needs.

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