Nordson Encore HD Manual Powder System
Nordson Encore HD Manual Powder System
Nordson Encore HD Manual Powder System


Nordson Encore HD Manual Powder System

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The Encore HD Manual Powder Spray System is our fourth generation high density, low velocity (HDLV) spray technology. Designed for superior process control, you can achieve a highly dense phase spray, a more diluted mixture…or anything in between. HDLV technology delivers a high concentration of powder, by using very little air. As a result, you get greater transfer efficiency, less overspray and superior cured finish quality for every conceivable part type. The latest system is configured in many ways to meet everyday application demands.

The Spray Gun Features:

  • Lightweight, well-balanced spray gun to make the painter’s job easier
  • Powder deposition at speeds nearly double that of venturi systems
  • Superior edge and corner coverage with one pass
  • Higher transfer efficiency
  • On-gun controls for fast, easy adjustments
  • Uniform spray patterns with all powders, even the most challenging materials
  • Highly durable lance extensions for fast color-change environments
  • 100kV multiplier delivering maximum first pass transfer efficiency

The System

Introducing the first commercially available HDLV mobile system designed to feed from a box. HDLV is now easily mobile and configured to accommodate vibratory box feed (VBF) and 50 lb. hopper feed. Each system is specialized with a unique pick up tube engineered for superior fluidization and easy cleaning.

The new Encore HD manual system configurations also include standalone and wall/rail mount systems to complement several types of applications.


  • The mobile system with a vibratory box feed minimizes the color change time delivering maximum operating flexibility with minimum downtime. Fully automatic purge-cleaning of all internal components in less than 30 seconds.

Stand-Alone Units:

  • Flexible mounting on an operator platform, a wall, or on a convenient pedestal.

Fluidized Hopper Mobile System:

  • Stable powder output and the greatest production capacity when working from a fluidized hopper. For longer single-color production runs. Convenient pull-through pick-up tube design.

The Nozzles:

  • Common Encore nozzle family lowers cost of ownership
  • Designed to resist wear and impact fusion
  • Variety of nozzles offerings accommodates numerous applications
  • Large Surfaces
  • Intricate Parts
  • Deep Recesses
  • Bottom And Top Surfaces

The Controller:

  • Closed loop digital flow control for consistent, repeatable output
  • Patented AFC control for the highest finish quality
  • NFC allows small incremental adjustments under 10 microamps and independent kV control to achieve a smooth finish, even using the most challenging powder materials
  • 20 available preset modes to make operation easier
  • Customized control programs to adjust to any application need

The Pumps

  • Built to deliver up to 750 grams per minute
  • Developed to perform 10 million cycles without maintenance
  • Repeatable performance after continuous duty
  • Patented clear housing provides visibility to valves during operation
  • Distributes more powder, using less air
  • Designed for automated color changing


The must have accessory for the Encore Manual Spray Gun Range. A fast, convenient and safety-approved accessory that instantly adds the power of an LED light to the already impressive capabilities of the Encore Manual Gun Range.

Effectively highlight and fix light powder areas on surfaces, deep recesses and cavities - on the fly

Optimum light levels enable precisely targeted powder application, to reduce waste and save on material costs.

This all-in-one application and inspection tool gives every operator the power to both spray and inspect at the same time.

Rated for use in all powder coating environments.


- Encore HD manual system controller

- Encore HD manual spray gun and cable

- Encore HD powder feed pump

- Encore HD pump control unit

- Encore pump pickup tube

- One of the following, based on system version

- Vibratory table and motor − up to 50 lb (25.0 kg) box of powder

- 50 lb (25.0 kg) Encore round feed hopper − fluidizes powder with low-pressure compressed air

- Factory installed powder hose oriented under the base of the dolly.

- 8-mm powder hose, 4-mm air tubing, spiral wrap, Velcro® straps, barbed fitting

- Air filter

- Accessories for future use: Bracket, Grounding Block, Adapter

- The components are mounted on a sturdy wheeled dolly.

- Encore HD manual system controller

- Encore HD manual spray gun and cable

- Encore HD powder feed pump

- Encore HD pump control unit

- Pump adapter kit and coupling for use on HR/NHR feed hoppers

- Stand included with standalone systems

- Rail/Wall mount brackets for rail/wall systems

- Grounding kit

- 8-mm powder hose, 4-mm air tubing, spiral wrap, Velcro straps

- Air filter/regulator

Note: Hoppers are sold separately