Discover the Nordson nLighten LED Kit: Your Path to Flawless Powder Coating

Discover the Nordson nLighten LED Kit: Your Path to Flawless Powder Coating

In the realm of industrial coating systems, achieving precision and efficiency often hinges on the tools and accessories at one's disposal. Among the game-changing accessories is the Nordson nLighten LED Kit, a remarkable innovation designed to elevate the capabilities of the Encore manual guns. The nLighten LED Kit brings a world of benefits to the table, notably improving illumination which is crucial for precise powder application. In this article, we'll delve into the core features and benefits of the Nordson nLighten LED Kit and how it stands as a beacon of innovation and reliability in powder coating application.

Standard on all new Encore (LT, XT & HD) gun packages, the nLighten LED is easy to assembly and   easily retrofits to an existing Encore manual gun. Whether you have the Encore LT, Encore XT or Encore HD, the nLighten LED Kit seamlessly integrates, proving to be a versatile addition to your powder coating setup.

Precision is paramount in powder coating, and the nLighten LED Kit understands that well. By powerfully and safely illuminating the surface being coated, it allows for precise powder application. This is especially beneficial in poorly illuminated or ventilated booths where visibility may be restricted. The corona powered LED illumination pierces through the gloom, ensuring that every nook and cranny receives the right amount of powder. Want to do a follow up check…simply give the gun trigger a quick pull and the light stays on for another 12-15 seconds, thanks to the 2 (two) AA batteries “included” with the kit.

Time is of the essence in industrial operations, and any accessory that shaves off minutes, if not hours, and reduces rejects  is a godsend. The nLighten LED Kit enables operators to spray and inspect the powder coating simultaneously, a feature that fast-tracks project completion. Additionally, the enhanced illumination helps in effectively targeting powder application, reducing material waste and saving on costs. It's a win-win situation: less waste and more savings. 

Safety is a concern that should never be glossed over. The Nordson nLighten LED Kit is safety-approved and rated for use in all powder coating booths. This assurance goes a long way in ensuring that operations run smoothly without any safety hitches. It's not just about getting the job done; it's about getting it done safely.

The Nordson nLighten LED Kit is indeed a noteworthy addition to any powder coating operation. Its blend of easy assembly, enhanced illumination, efficiency, and safety makes it a must-have accessory. With the nLighten LED Kit, achieving perfection in powder coating is not a distant dream but a tangible reality. 

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