The Push for Lead-Free Piping and Valves in Canada

The Push for Lead-Free Piping and Valves in Canada

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The Canadian government has been pushing for the replacement of pipes and valves containing lead in condo buildings to ensure safe and clean water systems. While Canadian municipalities began phasing out the use of lead in service lines to properties in the 1960s, the National Plumbing Code permitted the use of lead until 1975 and lead solder until 1986. As a result, many older condo buildings may still have lead piping and valves, posing a risk to residents' health.

The Importance of Replacing Lead Pipes and Valves in Condo Buildings

Lead is a toxic metal that can cause serious health problems, especially in children and pregnant women. Exposure to lead can lead to developmental delays, learning difficulties, and other health issues. Replacing lead pipes and valves in condo buildings is crucial to ensure the safety of residents and comply with government regulations.

Identifying the Presence of Lead Piping and Valves in Your Building

Condo board members should take the initiative to determine if their building still has lead piping and valves. This can be done by consulting building plans, conducting visual inspections, or hiring a professional to test the water for lead content. If lead is found, it's essential to take action and replace the affected pipes and valves as soon as possible. 

ASCO Lead-Free Valve Solutions for Condo Buildings

ASCO offers a range of lead-free valve solutions that meet the new regulations, are NSF certified, and come in the industry's broadest range of characteristics in terms of pipe size, pressure or temperature ratings, and flow coefficients. These valves are ideal for potable and industrial water systems where reliably clean water on-demand is needed. With their robust design, rigorous testing, and extended service lives, ASCO lead-free valves are an excellent choice for condo buildings looking to replace their lead-containing components.

Partnering with HMFT for Expertise and Support

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