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In-Plant Application

Keep your production lines moving and lower your machine maintenance costs with automatic oil and grease pumps. With a large family of machinery lubrication equipment, chances are we have several pumps that meet your needs. We supply automatic pumps for food and beverage, processing and packaging, glass manufacturing, injection molding, paper production and other industrial applications.

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Case Studies

To remedy inconsistent manual lubrication by plant personnel, we installed an automatic lubrication system that will ensure peak performance and increase uptime.

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This massive project called for 7 lubrication systems consisting of 196 lubrication points that will ensure trouble-free operation while maximizing bearing life on the equipment.

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Why Work With HMFT

At HMFT, we specialize in providing automatic lube and greasing systems for on-road, off-road, and in-plant industrial machinery. Our team of qualified engineers can design the ideal auto greaser system for any equipment, ensuring consistent lubrication and reducing the risk of component wear, premature failure, and increased operating costs.

Our highly experienced service staff has been installing auto lube systems for decades, and we have the expertise to handle everything from simple in-plant equipment with a single-point, to large industrial machinery with hundreds of points.

We are an award-winning distributor of Graco Automatic Lubrication and offer a range of long-lasting grease pumps, including the G3, G-Mini, Grease Jockey, and DynaStar. By partnering with us, you can improve the efficiency of your operations, reduce costs, and extend the life of your equipment. Let us help you keep your machinery running smoothly and reliably.

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